Performance Tips: Carbo Loading Properly - Build Muscle Fast with Force Factor
Carbo loading is a pre-competition ritual shared by athletes in just about every sport.  There's more to it than just eating a ton of carbs; do it right and you can get a competitive edge and a delicious meal in the process.  Here's how:

A brief history
Gunvar Ahlborg was the Swedish physiologist that correlated glycogen (carbs in liver and muscle) levels with performance.  Ahlborg also discovered the phenomenon of 'supercompensation,' in which muscles try to store up high amounts of glycogen in response to extreme glycogen depletion.

The Ahlborg Method
By exploiting supercompenstation using the Ahlborg Method, an athlete can maximize his/her glycogen levels.  It's very simple:

1. Perform an exhaustive workout one week before a long race (90 minutes-plus).
2. Consume a very low-carb diet (10%) for the next 3-4 days while training lightly.
3. Consume a very high-carb diet (90%) the next 3-4 days while continuing to train lightly

That's all there is too it!  Glycogen metabolism needs to occur in the presence of oxygen to prevent lactic acid buildup.  Taking a nitric oxide supplement such as Force Factor will increase blood oxygen levels to complement increased glycogen levels from a carbo load.

Time it properly and you'll have plenty of glycogen to burn during an intense competition or workout. (source)

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