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I played a lot of sports in college. Back then, I only knew of two supplementi training options:  you could either a) do something illegal, such as juicing or doping, or b) put up with some pretty rancid tasting powders that turned your drinks into a chemical sludge.  Fortunately supplements have come quite a long way since those days, with the help of dedicated companies and professional endorsements.

Supplement Resources
There are many online sites for bodybuildling and supplement/training information that I wish had been around when I started.  You can pretty much find anything you could ever want online now.  These days I try to eat and train as healthily as possible - unfortunately, the glut of modern supplements include stuff that is of little or no interest to me for that purpose.

Picking a Supplement
More important than any supplement you can take is a healthy diet.  Checkout my guide for eating right.  Without a healthy diet and a strict workout, supplements won't do anything for you.

Once you have your diet set, consider your options.  A newer nitric oxide supplement, Force Factor, caught my attention for various reasons.  First of all, as a nitric oxide product it is metabolically straight forward: more blood means more oxygen means getting more out of your training.  Force Factor also contains no creatine or caffeine.  This is good if you are one of the people that experiences side effects from caffeine (I try to avoid caffeine because of the unpleasant jitters).

It's also good for people like me that like to really manage their stacks.  You can easily add creatine or anything else you want to your stack independently, which gives you significantly more control over the dosage without altering your NO dosage.  This also let me mix up my supplement dosages to create versatile pre-workout and post-workout and daily combinations. 

Lastly, the old stuff (and even the popular stuff like NO Xplode and SuperPump) are still in powder form, whereas Force Factor is a tasteless capsule.  I've found that even the best-tasting powders add a weird grit and aftertaste to whatever they're mixed in with, making the capsules a welcome change.  The other advantage of a capsule is that it's much easier to maintain a regular regimen, since the doses are already measured out and taken with meals.  Try it for yourself - I've been training with the Force Factor free trial ,

Other Information
It's important to note that Force Factor, like any other supplement, is only effective when used in conjunction with healthy, regular training!  Even the most expensive supplements won't do anything if you're sitting around all day.

Get your training regimen down, make sure you're watching your diet and eating healthy, and then build your stack around that!  When you're ready to start, head over to the Force Factor free trial.

Remember, like all supplements, Force Factor can only help if you are regularly working out and eating right!
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